Direct Primary Care is growing in popularity and availability across the nation. It has become part of every GOP repeal and replacement plan for the ACA.  I heard it said recently that only 9% of Americans utilize enough healthcare to meet the average deductible that is nearly $2000.  If that is true, then 81% of Americans could potentially save money on healthcare by purchasing a DPC membership.

With a DPC membership, patients get access to lower cost (or free) lab services, increased access to their doctor which lessens visits to ERs and specialists, and more personalized approach to medicine.  Having a healthcare system that focuses on the patient as the top priority means having a system that wants to meet the needs of the patient not forcing the patient into the restrictions of the system.

Imagine exchanging a sixty minute wait at the doctor’s office then an eight minute visit with a $30 copay for a phone call or email that solves the problem without ever having to leave work or load up the kids in the car.  When office visits are necessary, the wait time is non-existent.  The only time my waiting room furniture gets used is when I sit down at a Meet and Greet.  Direct Primary Care is a system designed to serve the patient.

Check out what a DPC membership can do for you.  Call for a DPC Test Drive or come to our next Open House.  Pediatric memberships are less than $1 per day.  Adults and seniors are less than $2 and $3 per day respectively.

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