Linnea Meyer, a physician in Boston, says the direct-pay model frees her to focus on patient care.

Here’s a good article in the Wall Street Journal about the Direct Primary Care movement. They do a good job at delineating the differences between DPC and concierge practices for the most part.

While concierge practices tend to attract affluent patients, direct-primary-care doctors say their practices are highly diverse. “I have heroin addicts and multimillionaires in my office,” says Chris Ewin, a direct-primary-care physician in Fort Worth, Texas.

This article also highlights some of the benefits of a DPC membership beyond the usual reduction of cost.

While some people balk at paying for both a membership and insurance, others say it is still a good deal. Josh Maibor of North Attleborough, Mass., says the $60 a month that he and his wife each pay Dr. Cunningham for unlimited care “is less than we’d pay in copays for a single visit.”

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