Transparency means being able to see through to something else.

In the world of medical economics and primary care, price transparency is almost non-existent.  It is very hard to find the prices of labs, procedures, and office visits prior to having them done.  Direct Primary Care is changing all of that.

Today we have published a list of our current prices for all non-covered services and labs. So much of what we do is built into the membership price and doesn’t cost any extra for patients to utilize.  For those items not covered, we always want patients to know the price ahead of time.  Whenever a patient needs a particular test or service, we always take the time to quote an up to date price and allow the patient to make their own informed decision as to the benefit and value of the test or service.  We believe patients should be fully informed about their care.

Check out our list of prices at the link below.  If there is a particular test or procedure you are interested in learning more about, then please give us a call or ask your DPC physician at your next visit.

Price Transparency


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