Beginning in March, Dr. McColl will be coaching a VitalLaunch Express at Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley.

VitalLaunch Express is a 10 week small group program developed by VitalSigns physicians to provide the core educational lessons from their flagship VitalLaunch program in a once per week session.  Participants learn nutrition and exercise principles using videos from TMA physicians, coaches, and trainers and the small group facilitator.  A small group setting helps emphasize accountability and celebration of success.  Pre- and post-participation biometrics mark out success for each individual.  Weekly topics include such things as “How do I change?”, “Carbohydrates”, “Grocery Store Tour and Label Reading”, and “Gremlins and Plateaus”.

Participation is limited to five individuals.  Children 12-18 years old are free with participation of a parent.  Class cost is $249 and $199 for DPC members.

Contact Dr. McColl at for more information or contact the office at 244-1800 to register.

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