In this study published by the Journal of American Medical Association the authors investigated the association between findings on a coronary calcium score and later development of cardiovascular disease for individuals between the ages of 32 and 46.  They followed individuals over a 30 year time period after they had a coronary calcium score done. They found that any measurable calcification was associated with an increased incidence of CVD later in life.  The more the calcification the more likely an individual was to have an event.  Thirteen individuals in the highest risk category (score >100) passed away during the study. Ten of those deaths were attributed to cardiovascular disease. 

Within our DPC program we take the time to fully investigate your risk of cardiovascular disease using several advanced testing modalities including coronary calcium scoring. We then can develop a treatment plan that is individualized to your lifestyle and risk factors.

Association of Coronary Artery Calcium in Adults Aged 32 to 46 Years With Incident Coronary Heart Disease and Death

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