As a parent and a pediatrician, I’ve learned many valuable lessons over the years on caring for and raising children.  I’m sure I have many more lessons to learn yet.  One axiom that reasserts itself frequently is that consistency in a child’s life is crucial to their stable development.

Children like routines.  They thrive when they know what to expect.  They often don’t adapt to change well and shun the unpredictable.  In bringing up my own children, I’ve learned that I should always ‘let my yes be a yes and my no be a no’.  If I say one thing, yet allow something different to occur, then I’ve lost the battle.  This doesn’t mean I have to be rigid and inflexible, but I should be consistent.  Wherever I’ve drawn the line of appropriate behavior, it needs to be consistently applied for them and for me.

In the practice of pediatrics, consistency is crucial also.  Children change dramatically over the course of their childhood.  They evolve physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  It is one of the great joys of my profession to be qualified to care for all ages, from infants to the elderly, and to care for a child and their family from birth onward.  Walking with the family and the child through all those stages and adapting my approach to each stage is fun and rewarding.  A good pediatrician should be a constant resource for care in a child’s life.

As modern healthcare has shifted away from the community pediatrician towards the large, multi-provider, group based practice many parents have felt disconnected from their doctor.  Often when children are sick they end up seeing different physicians or extenders.  A DPC member reported to me once that parents often feel like they have to reintroduce themselves and their child to a new provider for the first two years of of life.  They become frustrated by the inconsistency of this unstable provider-patient relationship.

In our Direct Primary Care practice, every patient has the opportunity to see the same physician at every visit.  Additionally, we are available by phone and email every business day.  I have found that office visits for both uncomplicated and complicated issues are more informed and directed in a practice where I’ve seen every child for every visit.  I know them and have often had regular communication with the parents along the way.  We quickly can focus in on the issues that matter to that child.  We don’t have to spend time getting to know one another again or working through impersonal questionnaires designed to shorten the time a physician spends with a patient.  Direct Primary Care provides the luxury of extra time for each office visit as well as follow up without extra cost since there is no per visit charge.

Consider how a Direct Primary Care membership can benefit your child.  Come check out our program an Open House or schedule a Meet and Greet.  If your child has a particular medical concern you would like to discuss prior to enrolling, then please schedule a Medical Consult.  We will spend an hour together discussing their story and how a DPC membership would address those needs. There is no obligation after the visit only opportunity.  Sign up online then call to schedule your child’s first appointment today.

For the month of February, we will be waiving the standard registration fee of $125 for new pediatric members.  Take advantage of this offer and experience the difference a Direct Primary Care membership can make in your child’s life.

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