Time magazine recently published an article discussing a growing form of alternative payment model for medical care- cash payments.  DPC members are very familiar with the principles of this new movement. The economic relationship between a patient and their doctor is a straight line. In direct models, no one else stands in between. All third party organizations, both government and private, are bypassed. The doctor cares for the needs of the patient and the patient pays the doctor. In doing so the cost of care drops dramatically while the value of care improves. In Trinity’s DPC practice, we are able to pass along to our patients a 90% cost reduction on some services while increasing their access to care by offering direct phone and email contact and longer, more frequent office visits without extra cost. 

While DPC practices are growing rapidly across the country, specialty care remains slower to adapt. One notible exception is Dr. Keith Smith and Dr. Steven Lantier who co-founded the Surgery Center of Oklahoma over a decade ago. They set out with the idea that individuals should be able to purchase major surgeries for one simple price. They now accomplish this routinely at enormous discount to the patient. Surgeries often cost 1/4 of the asking price at a local hospital. 

Additionally, the opacity of modern medical pricing disappears. Patients often cannot determine the full cost of a medical procedure prior to the event. In SCO’s direct model, patients can go to their website and explore common surgeries along with the all-inclusive cost. No guess work or mysteries. No surprise billing. 

Check out the article and read about other cost saving options on our Free Market Medicine page then consider how paying directly for care can improve your access and lower your cost.  Most patients in a high deductible plan will never meet their deductible in a given year. So, if you are going to pay the first $5000-8000 of your own medical care anyway, why pay more to get less?  Come see what DPC can do for you. Schedule a Meet and Greet or Medical Consult, attend one of our monthly open houses, or just call the office to find our more. 

What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash?

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