I love data.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love to look at, think about, and analyze information sets.  I feel like my creative art form is to capture data and put it to  work producing something useful.  Developing actionable information about something previously unknown feels like partaking in God’s work of creation.  Out of nothing, something was made, and it is good.

In the graph below you can see what’s happening in Tennessee concerning the rates of influenza.  This data is not hard to interpret.  You can see what happened last year where we had a late and light season which peaked the first week of March.  Compare that to this season where we are over half way to peak flu numbers.

Here’s the point: get your flu shot.  You still have time to protect yourself from the flu.

We still have vaccine stock available for DPC members.  When this supply runs out though we’ll be out.   We can’t get more.  So if you’re interested in not dying from influenza and are cognizant enough to see the rising tide of influenza cases in our state, go do something about it.  Get your vaccine.  It is good.

Influenza rates in Tennessee as of January 27th, 2017.

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