Direct Primary Care is about taking care of patients.  It isn’t about insurance companies or government policy.  It is about caring for patients without outside influence.  We don’t base our standard of care on who is in the White House or who controls congress.  We focus on our patients.

So in light of all the anxiety provoking discussion concerning repealing and/or replacing Obamacare and the effect it might have on patients with pre-exisiting conditions, we want to show you what DPC is all about.  We going to give patients with any of the three biggest pre-existing conditions a discount.  That’s right.  We are going to actually make it cheaper for patients with chronic illness to receive healthcare because that is what we do.  Trinity Direct Primary Care focuses on our patients first.

Here are the details: Any new patient who joins as a member and has their first appointment this week who has either diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol for which they are taking at least one daily prescribed medication will have their $125 registration fee waived.  Monthly membership billing will start at the end of the first month at the usual rates of $30 a month for children 22 years of age and younger, $60 a month for adults through 64 years of age, and $90 for seniors 65 years of age or older.

Sign up now and call the office for your appointment.  This offer expires when the last appointment this week is taken.

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