Bryan Rotella wrote a very interesting editorial piece for the Washington Times recently entitled “The Obamacare Hustle“.  He outlines why some politicians continue to cling to Obamacare even though it is spiraling into self-implosion.  He makes a compelling argument that needs to be said more often.  When Obamacare is repealed it will not mean that millions of insured Americans will go without health insurance or healthcare.  It only means change.  Remember when President Obama promised that we could all keep our insurance and our doctors.  How many people do you know still have the same insurance they had 8 years ago?  Almost no one.  Everyone has experienced some change.  If it wasn’t a different insurance company, then it was a different plan.  If it wasn’t a different plan, then it was twice or three times the premium.  It is amazing how much has changed even though more Americans have some type of insurance.  However they don’t all have increased healthcare.  Direct Primary Care offers a real solution to provide a community with a doctor, a neighbor, invested in the good of patients and providing care for a reasonable price.

Let’s repeal Obamacare, replace it with some free market options that allow patients to control their healthcare future, and care for one another as a community.

Come see what Direct Primary Care is all about.  Join us for our next open house to hear the DPC story.  For a more personal experience schedule a Meet and Greet or Medical Consult today!

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