Gary Taubes, one of my favorite low carb writers, posts another editorial in the Wall Street Journal.  Good Calories, Bad Calories was a paradigm shift when it was published and helped solidify so many concepts concerning carbohydrate metabolism and the reactionary insulin response.  It has become required reading for all physicians and clinicians when they join our staff. His follow up book Why We Get Fat is a recommended read for my patients too. 

In recent years, he has partnered with other low carb researchers and thought leaders to further well designed nutritional research. 

Give this article a read and consider just how deadly extra sugar in the diet might be. As it is not necessary to consume carbohydrates for humans to survive, just how much of it should we eat?  If it causes so much human suffering and early death, why do we allow it to be so prevalent in our society’s food structure? 

Send me some feedback and be looking for an upcoming announcement on Trinity DPC’s nutrition and wellness meetings. 

Is Sugar Killing Us? by Gary Taubes

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