Trinity Direct Primary Care (TDPC) is changing and is separating from its parent company Trinity Medical Associates (TMA). The partners of TMA have decided to grow in a direction that requires TDPC to be disconnected from TMA. This brings a great opportunity for both me and Dr. Hone. We continue to feel led by God to stay within the direct primary care model of practice. It has benefited both our patients and our own lives tremendously.

Therefore, we are individually purchasing out our practices and will soon begin independent operations and ownership.

I am continuing at my current location and changing the practice name from Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley to operate under the name Pillar Primary Care, PLLC. You can find information on my practice and the story behind that name at my new website  Please feel free to check us out or ENROLL HERE

Dr. Hone is launching Ascend Direct Primary Care.  You can click on the following link to sign up with Dr. Hone:
This will involve a new location in Maryville sometime next year but does not change her focus on walking with you through the peaks and valleys of your life.  Her office hours, phone and fax numbers, office location and commitment to her patients remains unchanged.  You may contact her at her new email address 

All current patients of Trinity Direct Primary Care will remain under our care without any further action.  Please feel free to call our offices or contact us directly with any questions.  We will continue to post information to this website as long as it is relevant but encourage you to transition to the new websites.